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Calculation bug mistake and inaccuracy

Asked by onlywhitebullet
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On these two games, there is a problem.
11. Bxf6 is a mistake and e5 is the best move for the first game
11. e5 is an inaccuracy and Bxf6 is the best move for the second game.

So, can we trust the analysis???
3 Answers
Answered by FoxKing
Wow - very interesting. An excellent catch.

Seems that in both games the analysis is giving conflicting recommendations; two identical positions with different analysis/engine recommendations for the best move.

Based on this example, it's clear that the after game analysis can't be trusted 100% of the time.

I wonder if there are any stats that show how accurate the analyses are. Maybe if somebody has a lot of flops to burn...
Answered by lollycopter
Fascinating! Running Stockfish at a greater depth after 10...b5 seems to struggle to show any e5 suggestions amongst five lines at Depth 26. I wonder how far one would need to let it run to show a different result (I don't want to overheat my laptop)?

> So, can we trust the analysis???

For the most part, probably (provided you understand it and can make use of it) - unless you're a Super GM (who might opt for alternative strategies when playing others), or Leela Chess Zero, which is currently taking on Stockfish in a TCEC "Superfinal":

As I type this, they've played 43 games and are tied at 21.5 points each with the 44th game appearing like it's heading towards another draw. 56 games afer that, and then shorter time control tiebreaks if it's still tied...
Answered by onlywhitebullet
Ok, so now, I'm sure this analysis is fucked up.

Stockfish vs Stockfish with a 8438979483x better analysis

59. Rd5 is 1,12

And of course, for the first post, 11. Bxf6 is the best move.

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