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I have an idea for a chess variant, can it be implemented?

Asked by LM AdmiralA
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I want to know if something like Crazyhouse, Bughouse, or some other variant altogether can be added to lichess. Is that at all possible?
6 Answers
Answered by LM AdmiralA
It depends on the variant in question. At this moment, lichess may support whatever the PGN format (Portable Game Notation) supports. In other words, if the replay of a variant is not valid PGN, then it cannot be implemented in lichess without a considerable amount of effort.

If the recorded moves of a game of a certain variant do not comply to strict PGN standards, it cannot work. The current three-check and King of the Hill variants work because they are 100% PGN compatible, with all being altered are the win conditions.

For more information:
xadrez_pt commented :
yeah, I would like Crazyhouse or Bughouse too...

CartoonAddict commented :
I would like blindchess. The way it would work is that the players type in chess notation to make moves and the player would be notifed if he/she makes an illegal move. In addition, spectators would be allowed to look at the actual board.
Answered by pawnspanker
another nice variant is Knight relay chess:

I would like to see that here:)
Answered by nfowler
Weak! chess would be interesting as well. See:
Answered by catharaxie
Another wild variant taught to me by a GM 15 years ago :
Black has regular pieces
White has only his king and 4 pawns : c, d, e, f but gets to play 2 times in a row
and put himself in check the first "phantom" move.

Hence, he can jump over a column controlled by a rook,
hence, if he is 2 squares away from the other king, he mates.

Don't know if it's pgn compatible

In fact i just looked it up, it's called Monster chess :
Answered by makkanbeda
cannibal chess, absorption chess
Answered by MMCChessThinker
bughouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! has it

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