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Is there a way to see the distribution of training scores?

Asked by tmalsburg
Tags score in training section
Activity Viewed 55 times, last updated
The distributions of ratings for different flavors of chess are shown in the rating stats tab. Is there a way to see the distribution of training scores as well? Background: I'm new here and don't consider myself a good chess player. Yet I easily reached a training score of > 2100. I'm wondering where this puts me relative to other users. Perhaps there is score inflation in training mode and 2100 is actually not that high?
One answer
Answered by DoTheMath
Indeed, 2100 is not that high. Perhaps strong average. There is no rating distribution for puzzles. You can take as long as you want to solve a puzzle, and can also cheat yourself in them as much as you like, so it wouldn't really mean much. The main purpose of your puzzle rating is serving you the next puzzle.

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