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Is there an option to filter out unestablished players?

Asked by butilikefur
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Hi. So a guy has a rapid rating of 1960, zen mode's off and i think okay let's play. I make some moves and hover over his name and it says blitz 1480 bullet 1330? and i say 'wonderful'; c5 and d6 is already on the board and now i have to defend the open sicilian against the terminator...

I want to say that i like this site a lot and especially the anti-robot measures, you know the cruel and unusual but mostly unusual. But i seem to be playing an engine a couple times a week and they tend to be very new players... as if it's someone testing the site for robustness, but they're hacking me! and my time, sanity...

I checked out this thread ( but no others. I agree we shouldn't be xenophobix but i don't think including a filter will mean new players can't play anyone. I'm quite sure (but really have no clue) it just means they won't play anybody 1800+ for a while and even those using an engine will have to spend a longer time in order to climb the ranks (that's the reason right? no one cheats to get a lower rating right? tell my why they do this?)

So yeah. I bet we already have a filter and i just don't know about it huh? Anyways i think we should have it, keep it, offer samosas to it.
One answer
Answered by Toadofsky
As I previously stated, we do not have such a filter. Sorry.

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