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Can I access lichess without using my browser?

Asked by xadrez_pt
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Hi there,
Is there any way to "download" lichess and run it like a program, without the browser?
My computer only has 1GB of ram and when I use chrome or firefox, my cpu goes to 100% and the computer is always crashing :(
Anyway, it will be good to access lichess without any browser, but I don't know if it will compensate. :)
kettwiesel commented :
What Computer and Operating System do you use?
xadrez_pt commented :
Windows 7, but I will probabily update to 10 if it as a better performance.
4 Answers
Answered by Unihedron
Lichess does not have native apps for desktop.
Answered by lank3y
I was looking here with the hope that there was a trivial X-windows type linux client that does the job .. guess not.
Answered by KingKongHari
Hi , search for : Peppermint OS 6 Linux ICE App - on youtube. Hope it helps.
xadrez_pt commented :
Thanks, but I updated to Windows 10 and my computer is very fast now! :D
But anyway, I'd still love to "download" lichess, access it without any browser, run it like a program...
It would be like an old dream becoming true ;D
Answered by Sequoia_giganteum
Buy some more ram, put it inside your computer, and it will work faster.
xadrez_pt commented :
I can't put more ram in my pc :(
Ricardito38294 commented :
No offense, but I dont think this answer helps me at all. I got 4 GB of ram and its running like a charm

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