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Lost on time, despite opponent cannot checkmate with king+knight

Asked by ln1973
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I think a position with a king+rook against king+knight should be valued a draw, when the time of the rook party runs out: According to rules, it is not sufficient to construct a 'helpmate' (what the knight party can do), but one needs to construct a position in which the other party is not able to prevent checkmate in the next move. This cannot be constructed by the knight party.
However, in my blitz game this was valued 0-1 (I played white), see link below. Could you please recheck it?
3 Answers
Answered by FoxKing
Black can deliver checkmate to white with the material on the board. Even though it is 'helpmate', black can put white in checkmate with legal moves. Therefore, black should be awarded the win.

FIDE Laws (Articles) of Chess:

Since there's a legal sequence of moves that would lead to a checkmate, the game is a win for black.
Answered by CM Sarg0n
Answered by CM Sarg0n
Show the „rules“ please. Link?

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