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honor of players

Asked by alfafrost
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I believe that it is a lack of respect when a player deliberately leave a lost game without giving up, from my perspective it is the equivalent of playing a game and not giving a hand thanking for the good game of the other chess player.
It's can be a option establish an honor system and punish those who do not respect the other players (for example, with waiting time).
FM ianfindlay2314 commented :
I agree!! Very annoying. Happens to me a lot so I am surprised if Lichess is doing anything. Very annoying in Classical game, where opponent waits for 20 minutes!! My game (ianfindlay2314) vs Kerrykyule77. Any other site, his account would be closed. I can see he has a good internet connection.
One answer
Answered by Allonautilus
Those players are automatically punished by lichess.
This can happen by accident if there is a power or internet outage during a game, so players are normally not punished for the first offence. Repeat offenders get temporary bans from playing.

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