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Is the timeseal exploit on other chess servers a concern on Lichess?

Asked by Unihedron
Tags exploit cheating security
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Today I read a post on Chess Stack Exchange that discusses about a program called timeseal that measures the time a user needed to move to compensate bad connection, but since its design relies on client code, it can be cracked by rogue clients and therefore gain an advantage with speed hack to slow down the clock.

Post link:

I recall that some time ago, I saw a user report like: "This user uses lag to cheat, and gains time on the clock sometimes." Is this the same issue, or a false positive (the reporter simply has bad connection on their end)?
kevin77v commented :
Seems an implementation of a 'blockchain' could be a solution to this. A secure decentralized time-stamping solution like Bitcoin, except configured for millisecond transactions as opposed to 10 minutes. see
kevin77v commented :
Unfortunately, I was wrong. Blockchain doesn't solve the problem of proving something happened on a users computer at a specific time.
One answer
Answered by thibault
No chess server is immune to lag compensation abuse, but at least lichess caps it to one second.
I've never seen a case of such abuse on lichess so far, but I've seen plenty of players making hasty accusations.
LOSEIFUMUST commented :
Yes just had it happen too me

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