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Why is there a limit to how much text I can have on a comment per move in my study?

Asked by Gadolinium
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So, I was working on my study that I was going into heavy detail with. When I realized that after I hit 415 characters the information wills stop appearing on the side and will only show "[...]" after. If the text still shows somewhere else that would be nice to know. Also, I'm guessing the reason is to stop troll studies where they just fill it up with so much text. I'm looking forward to any answers. Thank you very much.

~ Gadolinium
Gadolinium commented :
I found out that the text also appears under the board over the comment button. This bypasses the 415 character limit and shows all the text I typed! I have answered my own question, however, it would still be nice to know why there is a limit where the moves are.
One answer
Answered by xXJrHoLLoWeDXx
"Almost everything has limits" ~ProgramFOX
While I can only assume what may the cause, it's probably would've taken to much room and cause the box that hold the moves to break and bug out. The bug could take form with moves on the side, or the text running off the side of your screen, but these are only speculations.

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