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Why some puzzle solutions follow a line that is different from the computer analysis line?

Asked by Finn_Pocket
Activity Viewed 114 times, last updated
Sometimes when doing puzzles I open the analysis tool to see how the line continues, and, to my surprise, not always the follow up of the starting position is the same of the puzzle solution. I'm not talking about the tool were you analyse locally with your computer, but the actual lines that the server analysis gave at the time of the game. Why is there a discrepancy?

PS: Is there a way to check the puzzles I did? My last one was an example of the above, but I closed it
2 Answers
Answered by FoxKing
The moves you are supposed to make to successfully solve the puzzle should be the same as the 'first' (best) recommended move. The opponent will usually make the best counter move, but not always.

Are you seeing puzzles where the move you're supposed to make is not the best move by the analysis?

I have seen puzzles where the best move to solve it is not the same move as the player in the game made. An example of this is in Puzzle 86419 where you are looking for black's best move, which is Rxa1, but if you look at the game, you see that black played Nxg3.

Link to the puzzle follows:

Link to the game follows:

Is this the kind of situation you are talking about @Finn_Pocket or is it something else?
Finn_Pocket commented :
It's like the first situation, where the puzzle solution doesn't follow the line given in the server analysis.
According to the post about how puzzles are generated: "Alternate solutions are lines that also gain material in adequate time, and are within 10% of the top move's evaluation". So I'm assuming that what happens is that I started a line that is an adequate (but not best) solution for the puzzle, made a mistake in the way, and got the correct version of this line as the solution of the puzzle. That's my current assumption, but I do not have confirmation of it
FoxKing commented :
That sounds like a reasonable assumption. I looked for the info you quoted and it seems to agree with what you are reporting. Thanks for bringing this up - I like learning.

I'm going to keep my eye open for a 'retry' message. Did you get a retry message? Here is a quote from the lichess page that describes how puzzles are generated, "Moves that result in checkmate in the minimum amount of moves are also solutions; moves that result in checkmate in 1 or 2 extra moves are considered retries, meaning the user can make another attempt to find the correct solution." I do not know if that means there is an actual 'retry' message or if you just get to proceed..

Hopefully somebody can confirm one way or the other... Here is a link to how puzzles are generated. I don't know if it is the most recent info, but it is what I found.
Answered by winstonsmithamm
There's an option on the analysis board to display up to 5 different lines, if you have all 5 displayed my guess is one of them will be the puzzle solution.
Finn_Pocket commented :
Oh, that makes sense. Thank you!

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