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Lichess' mobile application for Android not available as a direct download anymore?

Asked by Turais
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Not long ago, Lichess' mobile application for Android has been available as a direct download from the website. Now the link isn't present anymore.

What's the reason for the decision to abandon the direct download?

It'll be more difficult (and less secure) in the future to obtain the .apk for users of alternative ROMs who choose not to install the Gapps.
airod commented :
I can't find anymore the link either!

(evozi is one way to get the apk...)
Turais commented :
I personally don't trust evozi or similar services as I don't know how to reliably verify if the apk's indeed haven't been modified.
One answer
Answered by Turais
At least the beta versions can be obtained here:



But at least for Android, the last beta was 1.8 while on the app marketplaces it's been updated to 2.11.

Why is there no direct download link for Android users anymore who don't want to use Google Play services?

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