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Closed thread?

Asked by Gerry_Grob
Activity Viewed 68 times, last updated
Question: I send someone a message and then get the message ...

"Napoleon" has closed this thread. Create a new one

...Yes, I know Napoleon is dead, but how can the recipient close such
a "thread" before I wrote to him?
And has the recipient received my message or not,
or he just does not want to reply?
Gerry_Grob commented :

... is such a "closure" only for me or for everyone?
One answer
Answered by xXJrHoLLoWeDXx
It means that they've deleted the message on their end.
Gerry_Grob commented :
yes - I understand the meaning of that message;
but the question is: how he can close before he get a message ?
fact is: I write a message then click "send" and get this answer in same monument !
no chance to read it that fast and close !
Gerry_Grob commented :
or do you need a more clear example:
I played a game with this (ficitve) "Napoleon" and 1 move before I mate him, he stop to move and let me wait ! Or he left the game without give in.
So I get a bit angry and write him a message:
"hey man that is bad and not the behaviour of a sportsman or chessplayer"
...and same second as I clicked on "send-button" I get below that message:
"Napoleon has closed this thread. Create a new one" !
So no way to read it and close something???
That is my question - did Napoleon that before and for all ?
I dont know how that works ?

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