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Are Games from the Lichess Titled Arenas Excluded from the Lichess Database Downloads?

Asked by Spill_The_Tea
Tags titled arena database
Activity Viewed 70 times, last updated
I downloaded the Zip file for September 2018, found here:

But when I searched/filtered for games specifically from the Lichess Titled Arena 7 (Date: 7 Sept 2018) I couldn't find any of the games. Are Games from Titled Arenas excluded from the database? Is this true for all games derived from previous Titled Arenas 1-7?

If yes, is there a way to access/download these games?
Spill_The_Tea commented :
Nevermind, I Identified the Problem. Games from the Lichess Titled Arenas are included in the database; strangely however, they are labeled differently.

For example (a game of RebeccaHarris v manwithawan :, if you look at a single PGN file from the Titled Arena 7, the Event tag is as such:
[Event "Lichess Titled Arena 7"]

However, in the database, the Event Tag is different :
[Event "Rated Bullet Tournament*"]

So, for those looking to download games, from the Titled Arenas, make sure to filter by the correct Event tag, and also likely by the date.
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