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Why is atomic stockfish AI so weak?

Asked by chessape
Tags atomic stockfish
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3 Answers
Answered by tipau
I notice something similar about the games...The AI is simply playing a losing opening against 1.Nf3 2.e3. If it was truly weak then where are all the wins with Black? Or at least a different opening, that the AI doesn't play a losing line against? Maybe you meant 'why does it play badly in the opening?'
Answered by risky-chess
chessape,Try to beat Stockfish level 8 with black then.
Answered by Toadofsky
It seems that its evaluation of is key to your question, where Stockfish plays e6 and strong humans prefer d5.

(Originally I thought axb6 was the problem. I'm awful at atomic chess.)
risky-chess commented :
@Toadofsky Why not to change the Stockfish's code a bit and make it play 7.Kf7,which is better than capturing a queen there?
chessape commented :
Kf7 is still losing.
Toadofsky commented :
I need to verify that I understand the actual problem, and fix that instead.
ubdip commented :
@risky-chess We do not hardcode any opening moves in Stockfish, so there is no direct way to change its opening. Due to the fact that Stockfish's play is deterministic (apart from minor non-determinism due to time limited or multi-threaded search), people will always find an opening line with which they can reproducibly defeat SF when playing white (at least in atomic chess and other variants with a big advantage for white). Of course there is always room for improvement regarding the engine's playing strength, but deterministic behavior itself is not bug.
Toadofsky commented :
Right now I'm assuming Stockfish's atomic variant mobility matrix needs to be re-tuned so I submitted a tuning task at

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