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A message to all lichess staff, moderators, and players: (Read me!)

Dear lichess,

TheKingofJokers is actually my brother playing chess. He is 12 and has a similar playing style to me in Racing Kings and Atomic.
My brother, Jake, had a very hard lifestyle as an elementary and middle school student. He is constantly being bullied by other guys for having an account on lichess rather than having social media. He is also picked on for trying to be “idiotic and stupid” for trying to tell jokes (thus his account, TheKingofJokers and his pseudonym, Jack Napier). He picked chess up when he was 10 and continues to play over the board and most recently, on

I had a similar childhood for him, being picked on for simply being “a weird nerd” just for playing chess at my elementary school.

You banned him and me just because we played similar style. My brother and I was really upset when he found out he was banned, and we wanted to tell you that we would like to continue playing rated games and tournaments in the future.

We both play over the board constantly, but sometimes we play racing kings on lichess for fun. He usually plays chess on the bus ride to School and back. Without lichess, he suffers depression and sometimes his grades drop.

In conclusion, we both would like to have our accounts unbanned. We love to play on lichess and we would like to continue playing on lichess in rated and also in tournaments. Please listen to us as chess has been our lifestyle for the past few years.


chesslo21 (Chris) and TheKingofJokers (Jake)
forward11 commented :
old song. all maniacs, murderers and rapists have said that they had a difficult childhood, when caught in the police
chesslo21 commented :
Dude you have no idea what is happening to my brother. Do you have any idea of how much pain he felt? No, right? Then you shouldn’t be taking this story as an old song
Redscales commented :
I know chesslo21, and they are not the kind that artificially changes their rating! Lichess had made a massive mistake here; I will say, I have never seen make so many mistakes in banning. However, I see so many people wrongly banned! Lichess has to do something to fix this!
LM mysterious_expert commented :
I think you are telling the truth, but how can I tell? You can be lying
FalconPower commented :
@mysterious_expert The simple fact that he had this account for three years is enough to tell that he is not lying. But seriously, why would he artificially boost his rating, especially in RK? He was #1 or #2 before being banned.
LM mysterious_expert commented :
ok, you RK friends believe what you want to believe, even though I don't care gl
chesslo21 commented :
This is the truth. I'm the only one who has a brother who plays racing kings actively, and so you can believe my story or not. I'm an active RK player who plays all variants in chess (Including Anti, 3 check, atomic, horde, etc.) and I've went through struggles emotionally and physically.
I played chess for more than three years, and it has been my life for that time. I'm a player who plays on lichess every day whenever I have the chance, and the red label is what I get is simply for playing here with my brother. I just need somewhere to play, and this is the perfect site to do so.
I've done so much for lichess at many prices (I often had to suffer lower grades, family arguments, and torment from a lot of people). I guess now this happens. A red label. Just for giving my whole life to chess.
chesslo21 commented :
Lm mysterious_expert u do realize everyone, including u, has to go through suffering. A ton of it. Lots of people don't even have internet. Take a look around countries where disease, war, and hunger is prominent. All of us here are lucky to even have the internet. Put yourselves in other people's skin and walk around it.
FalconPower commented :
Mysterious_expert If you do not care at all, why are you posting in this topic?
9 Answers
Answered by NM Titus369
If you did “artificially increase/decrease” your ratings, you will not get unbanned (probably). Thus, in the future, you could create another account and avoid doing this.

If you didn’t “artificially increase/decrease” your ratings, to try to get the ban overturned by explaining your case. You may want to find the evidence they used to ban you and explain how you didn’t do this. Good luck!
chesslo21 commented :
I sent lichess contact an email explaining my case, but they didn’t respond. How long does it take for them to respond?
chesslo21 commented :
Thebendywendy, for instance, feels remorseful for artificially boosting/decreasing rating. Giving her a chance instead of leaving her banned will encourage her not to do it again.
Now I know how it feels, so lichess staff and mods: email me on the case as soon as you finished considering. I never boosted rating, and even if I did, I solemnly swear that I will never do that again. In return for repealing the ban, I will close any accounts affiliated with me and never pull stunts that will result in a red label.
Answered by FalconPower
Let me share my point of view on this situation. I have known @chesslo21 for so long. He has been one of my toughest rival in racing kings, along with @babosos, @hipno and @a_47. Recently, we both had this wonderful idea of making racing kings popular. We started creating the daily Revival of RK arenas (currently at number 9). We are so determined to make racing kings popular, but no one wants to help us. Artificially boosting his rating? Please, lichess should tell us if playing against your sibling is illegal. With him gone, we can technically say good bye to this wonderful variant. I absolutely think that chesslo21 was not artificially boosting his rating. I mean, what would he? He had this account for 3 years, he is constantly in top 10 of racing kings. What would he gain from artificially boosting his rating? Lichess made a huge mistake, as they have taken down one of the most loyal player in racing kings. I hope that they will reconsider and reevaluate his case.
Answered by JakeStateFarm
I have a brother on lichess as well (LiangeloBall) and our overall record is 437-570. A total of 1,009 games. Sometimes I go on long winning streaks and sometimes he does. Neither one of us ever purposely loses. Therefore, I don't think @chesslo21 was artificially boosting at all. Also I'm sorry to hear about your suffering.
chesslo21 commented :
Thanks for caring, However, I know it's hard to get a red label off (lichess, PLEASE give me a second chance. I know you're tempted to keep me like this, but I can rebound and turn over a new leaf).
Answered by LeonLiu1
Chesslo is a fine player I don't understand why lichess gave him a red label. Lichess gets it wrong a lot to though so I suggest you contact lichess like what Titus said.
chesslo21 commented :
I did. I'll wait and see what happens.
Answered by LeonLiu1
Chesslo is it possible for you and your brother to create a new acc?
chesslo21 commented :
It's not the same though...
Answered by chesslo21
How long does lichess contact take to respond?
Answered by Microraver
I guess the sob story gambit worked: Chesslo is currently (2 Nov 2018) unbanned... EDIT (I guess it was TheKingofJokers that was banned?)
Everyone suffers... some really badly.... but this. THIS sounds so first-world-millennial-problems I wanna puke.

Sorry chesslo, I really don't want to make you feel bad (god forbid!) but this is way off the mark. Lichess is not responsible for your well-being. Lichess is not your parent.

And please don't say: "Don't *judge* me, you bad person!" because I judge people and situations scores if not hundreds of times a day, as does everyone else. Judgment is how we make decisions.

But hey, it worked!
Answered by Stephenson
Exactly How does getting called an artificial cheater make you suffer?
You got caught?
chesslo21 commented :
It simply makes me ignore people like you who try to call me a cheater. Call me a cheater all you want, I won’t give a reaction to you
Answered by Stephenson
So after a bank robbery you can say I will not do it again
chesslo21 commented :
Dude, why would I rob a bank in the first place?
1, That's of course wrong
2, If I was to do that I would surrender to the police
3. You have no idea of what suffering is.

Please understand, not judge.
aladin75 commented :
all that does not kill us makes us stronger! Friedrich Nietzsche
ChEsSmAgEdDoN commented :
@Stephenson these circumstances are completely different:
1. If you robbed a bank, the police would have proof whereas in this case they have no proof Chris and Jake artificially increased their rating.
2. Robbing a bank is much worse than artificially increasing your rating.

So next time instead of making an unnecessary comment, use your brain, because this is a serious topic.

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