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Notification when a player gives a simul

Asked by dudulsuz
Tags notification simul
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Is it possible to have a notification when a certain player gives a simul? Thanks.
2 Answers
Answered by Goke09
yes if you follow the player it will show everything they do.
dudulsuz commented :
It does show but I want to notified when the player creates a simul, before it begins.
Goke09 commented :
it does show when the player create the simul, it shows the 1st sec.
dudulsuz commented :
It does not notify like your opponent made a move when you are at another another tab, with sound and notification text appearing in the corner of the browser. I prefer to know it without having to always keep an eye on lichess homepage.
Answered by dudulsuz
I messed up and I can't delete this answer. lol

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