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Are the lichess forums targeted at an adult audience?

Asked by Chess_Agent
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In other words, if I wanted to say something 18+, can I (without being reprimanded)?
One answer
Answered by Chess_Agent
*Question/answer inspiration:

^^^ Read that, but some general guidelines that are not set in stone:

- You can talk about whatever you want in the off topic forum provided (1) it's not attacking/hating/indecent (towards/against) someone/etc; (2) it doesn't violate anyone's privacy (ex: don't post your ex-girl(boy)friend's embarassing selfies); (3) it's a redirect to an adult content site (4) no viruses, spyware links, etc.

- Just use common sense before posting.

Also, note that these are simply informative guidelines and are in no way official. A mod can delete your post if it's causing a negative atmosphere.

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