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How old is lichess?

Asked by thibault
Tags age old birthday lichess
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How long has the site been running? When is its birthday?
One answer
Answered by thibault
The very first game was played on 20 June 2010.
Mikhail04 commented :
Please post me the link to that game, I am very interested.
thibault commented :
Move history wasn't stored at the time.
rise_UIED commented :
So when Lichess started, you weren't the admin then?
thibault commented :
That is one fine piece of deduction. Could you explain how you reached this conclusion?
rise_UIED commented :
If the first game happened on June, but you created your account not until November, it appears to me that another person was in charge in that time interval ...
thibault commented :
What if accounts were added long after the site initial release? At the beginning, everybody was anonymous.
LeMusique commented :
oh youre so elusive ornicar....
rise_UIED commented :
Oh okay, I see. Thanks for clearing that up for me. :)
(this website has truly come a long way since then!)

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