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Pinned Comments in Studies

Hi- I noticed this user made a study and on chapter one there is a comment "Make sure to give this study..." that blends in with the light grey background. That type comment stays there throughout the whole chapter no matter which move you're on. (That chapter has only one move but I'm sure I've seen other studies that I can't remember the name of which have pinned comments like those)

I'm wondering how this user was able to pin a comment to show on the whole chapter. I've looked around in my own studies and I don't see any option that does anything like this. If anyone could explain it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Happy Checkmating
One answer
Answered by Allonautilus
Find the chapter in the list and click on the gear icon at the right of the chapter entry, this should open a box.
In that box, find the menu titled "Chapter pinned comment", set it to "Right under the board".
Click on "Save chapter", this will close the box.
Now, you will see a button under the board labelled "Chapter pinned comment", click on that.
Now, you get a box you can type in, click on the cross right under the board when you are done.
Chapter pinned comments can be added, edited, or removed by all contributors.
FunnyAnimatorJimTV commented :
Thank you! Very helpful answer!!

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