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run out of time having pawn king my opponent had knight king thus no win condition. when my time expired he won. isn't this against the rules?

Asked by themissss
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it is written in english
5 Answers
Answered by jeansergio
I am pretty sure knight + king checkmate versus a lone king is IMPOSSIBLE.
However, that was not the case of your game : you did not have a lone king, but a king + pawn. In that case, depending on the position, it's possible to checkmate as your pawn might block an escape route for your king.
Here is an example :

Can you show us your game ?
themissss commented :
i had a win condition that is a pawn while my opponent had a king and a knight, so my question is: why when my time expired i lost and not drawn
jeansergio commented :
I just answered man... knight + king CAN make a checkmate vers knight + pawn, see my link
jeansergio commented :
I just answered man... knight + king CAN make a checkmate vers knight + pawn, see my link
poh59 commented :
I too lost on time when I had K+N against my opponent's lone K in chess960.
Answered by Paradise_Pete
Checkmate by your opponent is possible. It does not have to be reasonable, only possible. If you did not have any material then it would be a draw.
Answered by NM Titus369
If your pawn wasn’t on the rook file, you could theoretically promote to a rook and have a similar checkmating situation as the link from @jeansergio.
Answered by DraganOvV
it doesnt matter how much material you have, i can show you my games where i had queen with 2 rooks & 1 knight, bishop where enemy had 2 pawn yet he won since i ran out of time. so doesnt matter how much advantage you have, either checkmate him or preserve your time
Answered by CM Sarg0n
Btw, in move 118 the 50-move rule would have ensured a draw.

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