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New version of lichess in android has connection problem

Asked by hbagheri
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Recently I've updated my lichess in android platform. but I can't play on lichess because of connection error. I still can solve pazzels. my friends havn't this problem at all. I'm wondering what's wrong with my account or my cell phone. my cell phone is LGk10
The_Hurge commented :
I also have the same problem
2 Answers
Answered by Lysamere
Hi, I've got the exact same problem here, using Crosscall phone runing Android 6.0.1. The three golden dots above the chess board keep turning, and my move is not registered. When I play from desktop however, the move is well registered on the app, as well as chats or opponent moves.
No problems with lichess TV or puzzles either.

Uninstall - reinstall app does not change anything, as well of course as rebooting the phone. This happened with the "before-last" update, hasn't been solved by the last one.
Any idea ?

Answered by jatinverma91
Same problem I am facing..anyone suggest any solution??

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