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Neutralize worst rated defeat to a cheater

Asked by Ledator-Youtube
Tags cheater worst rated defeat delete cheating unfair play statistics
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Is there a possibility to delete my worst rated defeat, because it was a cheater?

I have lost to a 1200-player, who challenged me on lichess because Im a youtuber and after that he cheated two times in a row against me to ruin my statistic:

Now he is standing in my worst rated defeats right in front of a 1700 player, who was the player with the second lowest rating I have lost to.

Is it possible, to delete this unfair worst rated defeat against this cheater out of my statistics? Because it ruins my statistics and it is really unfair, because this player wanted targeted to destroy my repution with his campaign, can someone help me with this issue?

Affectionate regards from Germany
3 Answers
Answered by Toadofsky
I'll put "fix this code" on my to-do list (so when a player is marked, they are removed from best/worst lists) but I don't know how to fix the code so it may take a long time.
Answered by Rrhyddhad
It makes sense to remove cheaters from "worst defeats" lists, but at the same time I don't really think it's an issue; does it matter if someone looks at your account and sees a loss to a 1200, and thinks "haha this guy's a noob?"
Answered by BorisMatt
come down nobody died. If you have hundres of games it carries no weight. You cannot "ruin" the statistics with one game. You are swabian and we are a proud tribe. Just forget it.
AcademicNinja99 commented :
It ruins his worst rated defeats statistics. If you're a 2000 player and your worst rated defeat is a 1700, that's okay. If you're worst rated defeat is 1200, then people might think "Ha ha he played like a noob here!", because not everyone also checks the actual game or looks at the other player's profile to see if they're flagged for cheating.

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