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What is the coach data?

Asked by Solal35
Tags coach data preferences
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When I go to my Preferences, I see at the bottom of this page a field saying "Share your coach data".
What is it?
xadrez_pt commented :
Yes, I'd like to know it either.
Unihedron commented :
While at it, it needs to be localized so it can be translated into other languages in the translation center.
One answer
Answered by FireBreathingDragon
That feature is soon to come! Read the last Blog post for some snippets we wanted to share!
Solal35 commented :
You add the setting before the feature ? It's strange ;)
FireBreathingDragon commented :
That is a good question. I guess if some of your data was to get published you would rather decide whether to have it published or not before it was published already. If that makes any sense.
Solal35 commented :
It's logical, yes :)

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