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Can I contribute to lichess? I am a developer.

Asked by DariusIV
Tags development lichess help faq
Activity Viewed 25236 times, last updated
I would like to contribute, for example, with implementing the Crazyhouse variant. I am a Java developer but I know some Scala too. Do I just checkout the code from GitHub and submit a pull request or is there a procedure?
jonc commented :
Don't forget to add bughouse!
AlfredoF92 commented :
I am a chess enthusiast for many years.
Recently I met your site.
Your site is really very nice. It has many functions and many things to do for chess players.

I want to ask you to add a function in more which I have not found in the options of your site.

- Play chess using only the keyboard!

For example, I would like to play chess using only the coordinates of the board.
This feature is very useful to learn the coordinates of chess and have more command of the chessboard.

Waiting for your response, I send cordial greetings.

vkrish commented :
It's a already there.
cahalng commented :
Notice how AlfredoF92 posted the comment 2 years ago, as of July 21, 2017.
2 Answers
Answered by thibault
Join us on the #lichess IRC channel on freenode. I'm always hanging there under the name of "ornicar", ready to discuss coding matters. See you there!
QuantumNinja commented :
I am also a developer. Could I help?
V1chess commented :
Just out of curiosity, why did you pick the name ornicar?
LouiseMichel commented :
"mais"; "où"; "et" ;"donc"; "or" ;"ni"; "car". Those 7 words have a specific gramatical function in french ( called "conjonction de coordination", no equivalent in english). To learn these words at school, we learn it in that order, and it forms the sentence which can be translated by "But where is ornicar?" (we suppose "ornicar" as a name). It's a mnemonic sentence. We've all heard about that "ornicar", but nobody really knows who he is, a very mysterious guy ;) ^^
Answered by capakin
How the "premuve" works? Can I only indicate the piece destination?

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