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How does the quiz/puzzles points calculation work?

Asked by shadow303
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Hi there,

I am wondering how the quiz/puzzles points calculation in the tactics trainer is working.

I see that the number of points that I lose or win is not always the same, however I can't see any transparent information from which to deduce these numbers in a reliable way. The difficulty level basically always shows "?", so I rather doubt it depends on this and I don't have the impression that I get more points for difficult ones.

Can someone please give some information or explanation on this?

Thanks in advance.
One answer
Answered by Solal35
The puzzles use glicko 2 rating ( ), the same system as in the chess games on Lichess. All puzzles have a rating, and when someone fail to solve one, its rating goes up, and when it is solved, you win rating points but its rating decrease. I think lichess team do not indicate the rating of the puzzle because it could have a influence on the way of thinking of the players, and could either help or not them.

Hope my answer is clear enough, and feel free to ask precisions with a comment!
shadow303 commented :
Thank you for the answer, I accepted it. The article explains how it works in a very comprehensible way.
Allonautilus commented :
The rating is shown as soon as the puzzle is completed, so you know how hard was the puzzle you solved (or failed to solve).

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