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Why do Cheaters Play Tens of Thousands of Games on here Before Being Marked Engine?

Asked by DollaHolla47
Tags cheating engine lichess rules anticheat cheat aswer atrophied chec antichess broken system
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Not trying to be jack. I just dont get how this is possible; let alone somewhat common. Just to name a few such users: Aswer Atrophied Checollons ...about 50K played games just between those 3. And doesnt seem feasible that one would play such a crazy amt of games and randomly decide to cheat. Logic says they always did.

And there are at least 10 more long time users that I have personally seen get marked.

So, why did they get by so long without getting caught?
I don't want to know HOW this happened; I want to know why. Does lichess have a anticheat or is it actually dependent on human review?

Toadofsky commented :
You tagged "antichess". I know the solution is extremely difficult, but still wonder how Lichess can prove that a player didn't memorize it.
JasonHit commented :
This is quite insane coz there is no such thing as a "some sort of cheating engine"!? especially when player used a god damned smartphone, like I did, I've got 1701 games played and my rate is about 1300 something, what kind of cheating is that??
One answer
Answered by CM Sarg0n
Educated guess: they did not cheat from scratch. At a certain point they tried to cheat "a bit".

OP, you know that a highly sophisticated AI does the main cheating detection? It is reviewed by humans but this hardly necessary in most cases.

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