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Puzzle Scoring and Difficulty

Asked by MrChessMan555
Tags puzzles
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1. What determines what your point reward is when you successfully complete a puzzle?

i.e. I would correctly finish a puzzle and get 5 points, and on the next I get 12. I assume the answer will explain point loss as well.

2. How does the computer calculate the appropriate difficulty of the puzzle for the player?

It seems, and would seem reasonable, if higher rank corresponds with higher difficulty, but sometimes I would get laughably easy puzzles in the 1700s, 1800s and up, and would get a difficult puzzle once and proceed to fail the next 7 puzzles. Its as if the computer calculates from easy according to your skills, then medium, then hard, and when you hit the hard one, it will keep giving you hard, then medium, then easy puzzles.

One answer
Answered by Musicknight123
1. It is based on the difficulty of the problem (problem rating). TH\he higher the problem rating the more points you will get.

2. The computer does not calculate the appropriate difficulty, it is determined by the other users who attempt it and its rating goes up and down based on whether other users solve the problem correctly or not.

The fact that 1700-1800+ puzzles are very easy for you means that other users aren't getting the same problems correct. Though it may seem very easy for you, it may not be easy for others. Sometimes you are surprised by the simplicity of the problems, but it is all determined by the other users who have attempted the problem.

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