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i lost a game because of a gug of your web site

Asked by Katze64
Activity Viewed 111 times, last updated
in a game of blitz i had much more than 43 minutes and then my tiume passed to ZERO seconds in one second.
the game was completely blocked and the game was given to my adversary unnormally

could you do something to repair this injustice please ?

your web site had too much unnormally big bugs.
Jacob531 commented :
1. Which game?
2. If it was blitz then I have no clue how you got 43 minutes of time on your clock.
3. In my experience, lichess has been remarkably bug-free.
Katze64 commented :
the last game against a 1216 ELO during 45 minutes.
Katze64 commented :
the last game against SergeySytnyk 1216 ELO 45 minutes time at the begin and the two clocks of my adversary and mine were completely blocked during 43 minutes and then the clock of my adversary had 42 minutes and i had no time so my time disapear so quickly and during all the time i couldn't play anymore because the chess board was completely blocked and all the pieces too.
It's unnormal.
Andf the the game was given to my adversary unnormally.
One answer
Answered by Toadofsky
Please discuss bugs in .
Katze64 commented :
could you do something to restablish the unnormal situation.

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