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Can you recover lost points due to system crash?

Asked by antimachine
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Hello yesterday i lost a blitz game becouse the system crashed! What makes me angry is that I was winning. the game stopped and a message said: is unreacheable. Request timeout, then the system returned and the message of the game said lichess has been update, sorry for the inconvenience!

come on! it's not fair I want my points that I was just winning the end of that game. This can happen to you and everyone and it is very annoying.
3 Answers
Answered by Musicknight123
Hello. Please understand that lichess is updating to make itself better. I'm sorry that you were winning and didn't get any points, but many others didn't get any points too. I am sure that some people even had checkmate in one when the site was updating. You should not care about points because your rating is a measure of your true strength. Your rating will go to your true strength. For example, if you are 1600 but your true strength is 1800, your rating will get there over time. My suggestion is to calm down and keep playing because if you are better than your rating then your rating will increase. In the long run, points don't matter and maybe you could've lost those points because you made a stupid mistake. Please don't care about your rating so much, it is only a game - let alone the fact that it was one game out of many.
antimachine commented :
ok, but you have the opportunity to improve that.
Answered by bloody_pawn
It might be useful to get a banner, say, from an hour before the planned system maintenance (counting down the minutes maybe?) so that people would know that they have to avoid starting games that would overrun. At least if they got caught out by the update, they'd be warned ;-)
Answered by ElijahReese
true-- but that is lichess's fault - plus it's a loss of potential rating points making It harder to go back up in the future.
Musicknight123 commented :
So? Going up is based on your strength. If you farm only for rating but are not at that true strength then you will lose when you are playing equal rated players. Why is it that we want to have a high rating to make us look good? @ElijahReese, its not a potential loss of rating because the game was aborted! Anyway, you can easily gain the rating back.

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