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Draw with insufficient material

Asked by comedam
Tags insuficient material draw
Activity Viewed 161 times, last updated
Could you please Lichess add the automatic draw when we have not enough pieces ? For example when there are only a king and a bishop for each with no pawn, no one can win but still not draw so we re just running out of time.
2 Answers
Answered by CM Sarg0n
In your case mates in the corners are possible though, bishops of opposite colors.
comedam commented :
Its strange because the engine announces a draw i thought it is ;(
CM Sarg0n commented :
What the engine says is irrelevant in terms of the rules.
Answered by Toadofsky
This is already implemented: K+B versus K+B is declared a draw if neither player can checkmate (if the bishops are on the same color square).

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