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Slow Study Feature Problem

Asked by MoveEleven
Activity Viewed 88 times, last updated
I created a private study for openings and I have 18 chapters that are very densely annotated. I'm having problems exploring the study now for some reason--Only this study. My other studies work fine. In all browsers, for some reason, just this one study is extremely slow and does not work right. There's an echo where I make a move and I hear two move sounds one right after the other. Sometimes certain moves I can't even make, it just takes them back. It's very strange. I tried opening the study in every type of browser, one at a time, refreshing my internet, even tried it on several different machines with all the same problem. What's going on?
2 Answers
Answered by iamamitb
I am also having the same issues, there is some issue with your PGN file. If you have imported a PGN file which contains errors, you may see this issue once in a while.
Answered by MoveEleven
I just had too many variations. It wasn't imported just very large

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