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PayPal or Credit Card donation? Which is best for lichess?

Asked by JoeFonte
Activity Viewed 111 times, last updated
I'd like to donate to lichess and have lichess receive the most money. Which is best for lichess, a PayPal or credit card donation? Don't know if it matters, but I'm Canadian.

I think lichess is doing a great job and am freaking impressed with the site and mobile app. Totally awesome! lichess deserves our support and recognition.

I was thinking of a modest one time donation and possibly signing up for monthly donations.

If you let me know what the breakdown is for PayPal vs credit card donations, I'll try to maximize the benefit to lichess.

Thanks again for the great site and countless chess fun and entertainment. Much appreciated, Joe :)
JoeFonte commented :
Does it work out better for lichess if I make a 60/120 yearly contribution as compared to a 5/10 monthly contribution?

I think PayPal and the credit card companies get a fee for 'processing/handling' the donation. Which is better for lichess - does lichess get more of the donation if I use PayPal or a credit card?
2 Answers
Answered by JoeFonte
Sorry. I should have commented on my previous post - and not put this as an answer. Still getting the hang of things here.
Answered by datsjustforforuming
are you serious

you cant think it really matters from where does the money come from cc or pp

why would it count?
JoeFonte commented :
I was wondering which took the biggest cut (which has the highest service fee). PayPal and credit cards will charge for providing their service. If they all charge the same amount, then it doesn't matter. If they charge different amounts, then it does matter.

I just wanted to know how much PayPal or the credit card companies take for processing the donation so that I'd know which payment method got the most of my donation money to lichess.

As an example...
If take their

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