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8 moves without losing a fraction of a second?!

Asked by bferl
Activity Viewed 120 times, last updated
An opponent i had moved 8 moves without losing a fraction of a second, meanwhile, i lost a game where i had promoved 3 moves in a row on time. how is this possible?

Is it only a matter of having better internet? if youre playing a fast time control you have a huge advantage in the end of the game? is it that simple?
One answer
Answered by DoTheMath
In essence, yes. You get lag compensation (, but it's reduced in very fast time controls, because it gives an unfair advantage to the player with a bad connection (you generally won't have enough time to look at their clock, so you'll be playing by feeling, and it'll "feel" as if though they're moving slower, causing you to overestimate your clock advantage and flag).

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