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Why was I marked as a cheater?

Asked by sdafasdf123
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My chess account, which I have worked very hard on (playing over 2,000 ultra bullet games, and 5,000 games in total). After each game, I analyze the games and always try to get better. I attend a chess club and have been admitted into the swiss chess Verein. I have no idea how I have been marked as a cheater and frankly, it is a bit embarrassing.
Toadofsky commented :
I have no idea. Maybe contact .
Radioactive7 commented :
I've played with you. It was fair and square. I doubt that you are cheating. :D
2 Answers
Answered by shivangithegenius
Lichess has marked you as a cheater because it has probably seen the quality of the games are better than your original quality of games.
If you have not cheated then you may mail lichess to unmark you.
Answered by shivangithegenius
If you want more information on the topic. Go to this site

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