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Can we add private tags to opponents and see them before the game?

Asked by Xeigg
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When playing bullet, opponent style makes a big difference in my approach to the game, i.e. whether they are primarily pushers, thinkers, fortress makers or all out aggressive.
There are also a lot of players who play only a single game or until they lose and then run away. It's hard to keep track of all this.

I'd like to be able to add private tags to players and see before the game how I have classified them so I can adjust my behavior accordingly.

I see there is an option to add notes to a player - is it possible to show these notes next to the board when game is played?
2 Answers
Answered by Musicknight123
You can leave notes about a certain player by clicking on the notes button around the center-right of your screen. These notes are visible to you and your friends (I believe). You can click a player's profile and see notes anytime. So if you wanted to see if they run after one game or not, you can leave a note beforehand and click on their profile and check what your last note was about. I believe that these notes are not visible to the user, only you.
Answered by Xeigg
I am aware of these notes but I don't find them particularly practical:

1) I have to actually click on player profile to see them, taking me to another window and then click again on notes
2) I can't really list players I have private notes on - I can only see if I have notes on the player I'm playing now.
3) Finally, I don't really want the burden of screening each player before I start a game - at least 75% of people are perfectly decent, fair and don't play in a manner I need to prepare for. :)
Musicknight123 commented :
You should use to suggest a new feature.
Xeigg commented :
Thanks, will do that.

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