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Why I don't appear on the front page when I am streaming even though I am approved?

Asked by J--p
Tags streaming rating?
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whenever I stream I don't get a green thing saying "J--p streaming" in a match, WhY?? I am a approved streamer, but still don't get the front page is there anything to do with rating and streaming?
Francesco_Super commented :
I have the same problem and I discussed this on the lichess feedback forum, but the moderators didnt reply
Francesco_Super commented :
Some of my lichess friends have the same problem as well
3 Answers
Answered by IM lovlas
Not every streamer is featured on the front page.
Francesco_Super commented :
My live stream was not even in the streamers list
J--p commented :
oh I c ok than no problem!, but what about the Green thing thats says J--p streaming what I do about that?
IM lovlas commented :
As long as you have in the stream title it should show your stream as online.
Answered by WildChess04
@J--p You need to put in the title of the streaming for lichess get notified of your streaming, maybe that is the problem.
Thanks for asking!
J--p commented :
I did so, 2 times but still i was not able to c my name and icon on the front page
Answered by Tempestuous
I and other people are having the same problem - there seems to be a bug where it doesn't recognise that some people are streaming. There's another thread about it where a number of us have mentioned it.

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