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How can it be Stalled

Asked by Arustides
Activity Viewed 163 times, last updated
How can it be stalled if I have 4 pieces and 5 pawns and he has only the king
2 Answers
Answered by Francesco_Super
Please post this in the general chess discussion forum
Arustides commented :
How do I can move the conversation
Francesco_Super commented :
Just copy and paste it in your new post in the forum
Answered by DoTheMath
Stalemate is "a position counting as a draw, in which a player is not in check but cannot move except into check"

This is exactly what happened in the final position.
c3 is covered by b pawn and king
d3 by king
e3 by bishop
c4 by d pawn
e4 by d and f pawns
c5, d5, e5 by rook

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