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i think my account is been having problem it is not showing my rankings

Asked by schindarkar
Activity Viewed 124 times, last updated
my ranking is not been showing
2 Answers
Answered by Francesco_Super
You've been marked as a cheater so you can't play any rated games anymore
Answered by schindarkar
if i did not cheated so how can i explain it to lichess community
DoTheMath commented :
You don't - you explain it to the mods:
Paradise_Pete commented :
Your recent games contain no mistakes, schindarkar. So either you've suddenly become the greatest player in history or you used a computer to help you.

Compare those flawless games to, for example, this -150 centipawn game you played two weeks ago.
Radioactive7 commented :
Sigh. The Q&A is filled with cheaters asking these questions.

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