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How to become a lichess moderator?

Asked by Francesco_Super
Tags moderation how to become a moderator
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Dear lichess,

I've searched through most questions regarding this topic but I couldn't find clear answers. I would like to know what are the requirements for becoming a lichess moderator.

I've read that you can't apply to become one, but what skills and qualities are actually required to get chosen?

A reply from the lichess team would be very much appreciated! :)

Best wishes,
Francesco M.
2 Answers
Answered by VelociraptorRex
The same question :)
While you can read it
— And Lichess Moderators Handbook
Francesco_Super commented :
Thank you very much!
But I would like to know what the requirements are to become one :)
Thanks for your answer though, it is very useful!
VelociraptorRex commented :
I've found Lichess-channel, I already wrote there, here is the link
It is a IRC-channel, so just enter your nickname and #Lichess channel :)
But nobody answered me still, it is a problem a bit.
strategy_chess commented :
Cool! Good luck to both of you! :-)
Luciano_the_best commented :
Answered by nidav000
Hmm... I don't know, maybe ask @achja

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