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I played against a cheater

Asked by stroemming14
Tags i lost to a cheater
Activity Viewed 277 times, last updated
I got a message today that i gain 12 rating points for losing to a cheater. Now i would be really interested to see the game and see how i did against the computer ^^plus id like to know who it was obviously. Would be glad if that was possible :) thanks in advance!

One answer
Answered by DoTheMath
You can find the game in question by manually going through your recent games of the variant you've been refunded in. If you're wondering whether there's a quicker, builtin way to do this - the answer is no. This is because lichess wants to avoid public shaming, and you should probably just leave it at that as well.
stroemming14 commented :
makes sense. anyway just would have wanted to see how I did against the computer ^^

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