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Why the sistem says I play with help?

Asked by Fmxxx
Activity Viewed 141 times, last updated
It is not true. It is normal I play better with more time. It is not fair I can not play more blitz tournaments to train my openings. It is not nice

4 Answers
Answered by reallukehand
and what is this? change your time controls.
Answered by Paradise_Pete
From the cheating Q&A at :

7. I was marked as a cheater/sandbagger/booster even though I didn't cheat. What do I do?

A: It is possible, though not very likely, that you were incorrectly flagged as a cheater. You can email lichess at arguing your case.
Answered by Fmxxx
The sistem does not let me play😞
Answered by Sxakamanto
I can't play anylonger. There's something wrong with the board. When I try to move a piece the one to the right of it is the one that moves. Therefore I can't move pieces from the leftmost column.

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