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How does drawing on the board work?

Asked by Unihedron
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In game analysis boards, the hidden message buried under "Keyboard Shortcuts" reveals:

​ ​ ​ ​ "Press shift+click or right-click to draw circles and arrows on the board!"

How does it work?
4 Answers
Answered by Unihedron
When you're in a chess board:

- Clicking on a grid while holding shift or right mouse button will create a circle marker.
- Dragging from a grid to another while holding shift or right mouse button will create an arrow to the point you landed.

There are multiple drawing colors. They can be used like below:
* Green is the default drawing color from using shift or right clicking to draw.
* Red comes from holding shift while using right click to draw.
* Blue comes from drawing with the left mouse button with shift and alt held.
* Gold comes from drawing with the right mouse button with shift and alt held.

Circles of different colors may exist in the same grid. Drawing a line that duplicates an existing one in terms of both starting point and ending point (or reverse) will delete it.
Hiissokka commented :
i can only draw a single arrow why ?
Answered by a18a
I want to mention: There are still some problems with it.

In Firefox, rigth clicking always opens an context menu (but also gives an arrow/circle). But it's always red or green, never blue or golden.

In Opera I get all colors, the circles work perfectly. But arrows are a problem: Green arrows only work with shift+left click, not with right click. Red arrows never work, but blue and golden do.

€: Now I found out, that golden arrows don't always work in Opera. Also you can make blue arrows by holden Alt + right click. You don't need shift then... so confusing. This feature is so unreliable, that (imho) nobody can use it
Unihedron commented :
Please see Opera isn't officially supported.
dandalf126 commented :
You can enable it in Opera

By going into settings>Browser (Enable the "Show advanced settings" option in the left bottom corner)> Shortcuts>Untick the "Enable mouse gestures" box. It will work in Opera fine.
Answered by Magiking210
I'm on a laptop and Google Chrome. But I can't get the marks on the board when I press the shortcuts. Any ideas on how to fix this?
Answered by Dr_King_Schultz
Is there any other option for the red / gold arrows? Right-click-drawing can be very difficult when using a touchpad. :s
Unihedron commented :
If you're using a touchpad I'm not sure if you really need that many colors. Shift + Click was a replacement for right-clicking for touchpad users originally. I think you'll be able to work with only two colors.

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