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I was playing anonymously and I think i won on a cheat. How is that determined?

Asked by freexeon
Activity Viewed 278 times, last updated
"Cheat detected. Black is victorious."

I was black, how did it know?

I've seen some players that appear to take an unusually long time in rapid games leading me to suspect getting help from a chess engine, but was a little surprised when I saw this. Note: I am 63 years old, only been playing about 2 years, so I am not that good but it helps keep me occupied.

4 Answers
Answered by Aks_Oks
There is a special program on this website which "scans" players for using the engine.
Answered by freexeon
Thanks, that's what I thought, thanks for your prompt and helpful response.
Answered by Clorenz
same question why the admin ban me and accuse me of using chess program they dont even show proof! its just unfair

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