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Question about game completion rate.

Asked by Bob1949
Activity Viewed 184 times, last updated
My electricity went out so I got disconnected which changed by game completion rate to 97% from 100%. This happened 23 games ago but my game completion rate is still 97%. Will it always be 97% no matter how many game I complete?
Bob1949 commented :
I asked a simple question. Nobody knows the answer?
One answer
Answered by DoTheMath
Game completion rate (gcr) used to track last 20 games, but seeing all the odd-numbered percentages in users' gcr makes me think that might've changed (or it's a bug). Whatever the case, don't worry about it. If you play and finish games, it'll definitely go back to 100% soon enough.

Happy New Year, Bob
Bob1949 commented :
OK thanks very much. I'm not concerned about it but I'm betting it's going to be 97% until the end of time.

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