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Why do I keep getting a lot of loss games without playing?!

Asked by apenkov
Tags lost game
Activity Viewed 170 times, last updated
Today I played 2 games: 1 won and 1 lost. My stats for the day show 4 played: 1 won and 3 lost! On Dec 30 I lost 12 games! If that was true I had to be the whole day in front of the PC... I play maximum 2-3 games per day. What the hell is going on?
4 Answers
Answered by Boviced
What time zone are you in? If I'm not mistaken the server is located in France. Therefore, the server is UTC +01:00. I know for myself, when playing in the evening my activity log shows the date as tomorrow because of my time difference with France.
Answered by apenkov
I am based in Bulgaria which means UTC+2, this is definitely not why...
Answered by DoTheMath
If you don't recognize the games played, your account might've been compromised, so do the following:
Revoke all sessions there
Change your password
Change your email (not completely necessary, just in case your account got compromised through the email (in which case, you should probably change your email password as well))

If it continues happening, it could be a bug. Make sure it's not just some friend/family member using your account when you stay logged in (not allowed, by the way).
Answered by apenkov
Thank you! Yes, there was one active session which I revoked. I will monitor it for a few days but I doubt that anyone knows my password. Appreciate your help!

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