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How can i see all of my games played in specific opening and how to download them?

Asked by mminic87
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I want to see all of my games played in specific opening and to download them. I also want to download just specific variant, like blitz- but not all the games.
3 Answers
Answered by Bally_000
There is one way you can get your games by specific opening/defence, its not clean, but you would get your games.

Step 1
Go inside profile->Choose the type of games(Like classical, rapid etc)->Select Advanced Search

Specify the time range (like last 3 month games or games in last few hours) or refine search as accuraate you can provide inputs

Expand all the search results returned (Keep on preseeing ctrl+end) or keep on scrolling down as long as scrolling does not finishes.

Out of this results look out for particular opening that you are searching for like B23(Sicilian Closed) or B20 (Sicilian)

I hope this would be useful to you :)
Answered by Musicknight123
mminic87 commented :
Yes, but my problem is not with the time. tnx anyway
Musicknight123 commented :
No, I changed the link. I sent the wrong link by accident.
Answered by mminic87
Thank you very much for your answer.

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