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I cannot connect to Lichess

Asked by Fede770
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I've been trying to play on the site but every time I start a game with the machine I can't move, I also can't enter games with other players.

it says all the time "? players" and than "reconnecting" but nothing, it doesn't work.

What can I do?
ChillyGonzalez commented :
I have this problem as well. This only occurs on my home internet with "T-Online" in Germany. If I use my mobile internet from my phone lichess works as usual.

With my fast internet at home, that loads all other sites fine, lichess loads very slowly and instead of connecting to any game when I click on the seeks I land on the personal page of the person who seeks a game - I simply can not start a game.

Very annoying and makes it impossible to start a game when at home.

I tried different browsers and it is not related to the browser. I also did the websockets test and it works.
TerrorMoose commented :
I'm having the same problem, can't connect to a game or even play the AI, I can do the 'Training' though. Using the most recent version of Chrome, I constantly see '?players' and 'Reconnecting' cycling back and forth on the top bar. My websockets are good, check this link:

I checked my ping using the command shell, i have an average of 84ms, which appears to be reasonable. I have no Proxies or Firewall on the wireless that I'm using. At this point I'm really stumped, any help would be greatly appreciated.
TerrorMoose commented :
P.S. I have also tried with Firefox and Explorer with the same results.
Fede770 commented :
I solved it installing windows 64-bit
TerrorMoose commented :
Could you explain your solution in more detail Fede770? I'm using a Lenovo Y50 running Windows 8.1, and it's a 64-bit system.
5 Answers
Answered by thibault
Lichess uses websockets to connect you to the server. This is the fastest technology available and it ensures snappy games; however it's quite recent, and not supported everywhere.

Two possibilities:

1. Your browser is ancient. Solution: upgrade it. Latest version of Firefox or Chrome is recommended.

2. Your connection to Internet is filtered. You are probably behind a proxy that doesn't support websockets. Not much you can do about it, except ask your system administrator to fix the problem.

You may try your access to websockets on this site:
TerrorMoose commented :
I've tried both of these fixes.

1. Using Chrome Version 39.0.2171.95 m as of 12/31/14, up to date
2. Performed the websocket test, and packages were both sent and received.

Any other tips?

Answered by lhommearaignee
I resolved that problem by accepting the cookies in the pref of my web browser(chrome)!

In my case, it was working with another web browser(safari)

I hope this will help!
Answered by leonarth
You may have a connection continuity problem, your internet may have some packet losses for a few seconds, more than enough to interrupt the websocket connection. Next time you play a game open first Terminal(Mac) or Command Shell(Win) and `ping`(Mac) or `ping -t`(Win). When you experience a game interruption check if at the same time you got some packet losses.
Answered by PlasmaOverload
Do you have a Google account? If not then sign up and see what happens. When I had a Google account, lichess worked fine. When I deleted my Google account I got the errors you describe. When I signed back up to Google my "errors" went away. Somehow .... Google is the bad guy here. At least in my case.
Answered by Atoll
If also shows "network error" probably your browser or application are not compatible. Or is a problem with the internet.
If the problem is with the browser or application, try to install Firefox or Google Chrome.
Fede770 commented :
Thank you for your answer, it doesn't show "network error" on chrome, i've tried with firefox but doesn't work too
Atoll commented :
So it's a problem with the internet.
Fede770 commented :
Some suggestion about something else to try?

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