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Draw rules update?

Asked by laatikko
Tags draw
Activity Viewed 244 times, last updated
There's something absurd in losing on time just because my opponent will not eat my lonely pawn with his lonely knight. When mating material means that your opponent will practically have to self mate or helpmate himself it's not normal chess but closer to wild variant like suicide or give away.
3 Answers
Answered by Toadofsky
Oh, and your own wins aren't absurd? Time is part of the game.
Answered by laatikko
Maybe re-read my question, please.
Toadofsky commented :
There's something absurd in all four of your victories where you have a lone rook (or R+P) versus an armada of pieces.
Answered by laatikko
Yes, but it doesn't turn the situation to complete opposite. I just had a game in which I had a knight and two passed, connected pawns, opponent had a knight. Luckily my opp didn't know the rules here and I let him eat my pawns and the knight, otherwise he would have beaten me on time. My pawns were developing and soon to be promoted but I had to sacrifice them and my knight too to get rid of the "theoretical selfmate." Advantage you've fought for and achieved becomes a burden you'll want to get rid of asap. It's different from having a lonely rook against an armada yet winning on time, because it's not the armada that makes the opponent lose, but he loses INSTEAD of it. Not because of it.

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