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Can I Sort games?

Asked by Sollerman
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Is it possible to sort games played by me or someone else?
If I for instance want to see all correspondence games someone has played?
Or all games starting with 1 e4 e6?
Or time losses?

If not, why? Is it planned? Is it deemed superfluous?
It would help someone make better judgements when reporting someone for cheating. That is why I'm asking basically.
2 Answers
Answered by Solal35
You can do all you want (except see just correspondence game) with this:
Sollerman commented :
That was somehow too obvious to me. Would be nice if there was a link to this on the profile page.
And sadly it was the correspondence games I was after. ^^
Slugy commented :
I do not know how you sorted out by opening. Can you please explain to me ?
Answered by Slugy

to me the answer is not appropriate to the question.

How can we sort of game with Spanish opening or Italian opening ? How to sort of games by openings we play. So we can see our flaws or what we do great on that openings.

With the advanced research we cannot.

With chess insight we have some stats that are great but I want to look for those games I need to scroll and look for them ...

Plus if I want to study my unranked game on chess insight it is not working.

So I can we sort of games by opening ?

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