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Who are the mods?

Asked by noobchessplayer101
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I know it's a stupid question, but who are the moderators on lichess?
2 Answers
Answered by thibault
This list is not exhaustive and only covers mods who are upfront with their credentials.

Moderators that hunt cheaters in particular are much higher rated on average and not keen on revealing their identity.

These are the mods roughly listed by the time they were made moderators: (founder of the website -- a very busy person! Prefers to delegate tasks, please do not approach him for mod stuff in particular because you probably won't get a response) (not very active, co-developed several systems for detecting cheaters thanks to his mathematics expertise) (more of a developer) (sporadically active) (demon hunter)

Please do not message moderators individually to report a player. To report someone, click the report button on the suspect's profile.
Answered by abrakadavra
what are your reasons of ban? And how do you understand?

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